Friday, December 2, 2011

I smell weird vaginal discharge or vaginal could it be a yeast infection, bacterial or This Vaginoisis

I smell a strange odor or discharge from the vagina vagina Could It is a yeast infection, bacterial or Vaginoisis This haveArticles by Lorna Darden the smell of the vagina is weird embarrassing and uncomfortable, even if you are the only 1 who feel inclined to believe when others around you can usually have a hint of it. If you followed with itching and burning smell, it may possibly be a sexually transmitted disease or medical condition that may possibly be brought on by a side impact of

Bacterial Vaginal Infection

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  1. However, a thick, white, and clumpy discharge (like cottage cheese), which is accompanied by itching, is generally caused by candidiasis, a yeast infection. vaginal discharge